Movies = $$$

Marketing shorts are a powerful medium, and not just for companies looking to market a product to consumers. Two cases in point:

  • The committee pushing to bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago presented about 20 short films to the International Olympic Committee Evaluation Commission to promote the city. They won’t be released to the public because they don’t want officials in competing cities to get a look at them, but The Chicago Sun-Times said they were “slickly executed, hugely upbeat films” that feature the talents of Chicago’s top film and ad agencies. According to the paper, which got a sneak peek:

“We found the work to be of a very high quality. … Almost all of the films celebrating everything from the city’s passionate sports fans to our wealth of culture were made during one of our most miserable winters, which made the accomplishment all the more impressive.”


  • Consumers can actually make a profit from marketing films by renting out their houses, yards and other property.¬† Tracey Taylor encouraged people to get in on the action in Saturday’s San Francisco Chronicle, noting that a friend pocketed $2,000 a day for renting out her home. It’s a great way to make a little extra cash, particularly with the nation’s current economic woes, and Taylor said there are dozens of opportunities to get in on the action with all the movies, commercials, marketing shorts and other films shot in the San Francisco area. She said:

“Having your home used for location shoots can also bring in a tidy amount of cash – as long as you’re willing to tolerate the invasion and general upheaval that goes along with it.”

$10,000 — the fee two California companies promise per day for use of a home, Taylor said — sounds like more than enough to make up for the inconvenience to me!


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