If only there were a good restaurant around here…

In February, USA Today obtained — and confirmed the authenticity of — a 2008 presentation by Google ad execs that indicates the company’s marketing strategy is going mobile. Not exactly a shocker, but I was pleased to see that Google is anticipating the needs of consumers on the go. Google’s mobile ads will feature contextual targeting and image ads — allowing users to search by image or keyword — to generate information within a specific city or ZIP code. According to USA Today:

What do people want from mobile search? In Google’s view, consumers want “exact information,” as they do on the desktop. “The key difference with mobile is that they immediately act on it.”

Agreed!I don’t have a GPS device or a fancy-schmancy smartphone, but the ability to search for, say, a cool restaurant or bar when I make a pit stop on a long road trip might be enough to tempt me to buy one.


Another useful situation: My boyfriend and I went to New York City last year for an affordable four-day weekend getaway. Since it was a last-minute thing, we didn’t really plan where we wanted to go, aside from the standard touristy stuff (i.e. Empire State Building, Central Park, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty). But once we got there, it would have been useful to look for good, cheap bars and restaurants that were near us. (A word to the wise, by the way — Don’t go to New York City for a cheap vacation!)


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